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A Novel Type of Pattern Synthesis Implementation using Corrugated Apertures

N. Herscovici [1], A. Boryssenko [2]
[1] Air Force Research Lab, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, USA
[2] A&E Partnership, Belchertown, MA, USA

The antenna pattern synthesis problem is of the utmost importance in almost every kind of antenna applications. Therefore, a very large number of contributions have appeared on this subject. A number of different implementation methods are well known, and widely used. In this paper we ... Read More

Electron Trajectories in Scanning Field-Emission Microscopy

H. Cabrera [1],
[1] Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland

The Scanning Field Emission Microscopy (SFEM) is a novel technology similar to the better known Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM). In STM, electrons are exchanged between the outermost atom of a sharp tip and the outermost atom of a target over sub-nanometer distances by means of the ... Read More

Modelling and Loss Analysis of Meso-Structured Perovskite Solar Cells

Xue Hansong [1],
[1] National University of Singapore, Singapore

Recently, the pursuit of organic-inorganic perovskite solar cells has been significantly advanced because of the promising high-efficiency potential of the perovskite materials. Based on the structure of dye sensitized solar cells, Miyasaka et al. in 2009 firstly incorporated a ... Read More

Simulation of Fluid Flow in an Artificial Soiling Device

E. Klimm [1], S. Kochersperger [1], K.-A. Weiss [1],
[1] Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Freiburg, Germany

Solar systems are used around the world, especially in sunny and dry regions, to convert radiation energy from the sun into electricity or heat. Soiling, as dust deposition onto surfaces is commonly called, hinders this conversion of the solar energy by blocking of the incidenting light. ... Read More


石国宏 [1], 李瑜 [1],
[1] 河南理工大学

旋动血流是人体中广泛存在的一种正常生理现象,它可以提高壁面剪切力,抑制动脉粥样硬化、内膜增生、血栓粘附等疾病的发生。但是对其产生的原因,一直没有确切的定论。鉴于下肢动脉内壁具有螺旋褶皱,螺旋型支架可以引导旋动流,我们提出一种新型内壁有螺旋褶皱的血管模型。 在COMSOL 中,借助CFD及结构力学模块添加多物理场。对模型进行血流-血管流固耦合仿真,研究血流的流动模式,计算血液流动在心动周期不同时期的血管形变、壁面剪切力、血流速度和流线分布。血流采用不可压缩非牛顿流体,血管使用线性、各向同性线弹性材料。在边界条件方面,入口采用层流流入,速度符合脉动曲线。出口压力符合压力曲线 ... Read More


张猛创 [1], 李磊 [2], 侯旭 [1],
[1] 厦门大学
[2] 西北工业大学

在航空发动机中,涡轮转子的工作条件十分苛刻。涡轮盘是涡轮转子的承力主要部件,长时间工作在高转速、高温、高负荷的恶劣环境下。随着航空发动机整体性能需求的不断提升,在涡轮进口温度(Turbine Inlet Temperature, TIT)将超过2000K,传统的实心高压涡轮盘的设计转速已经达到极限,亟需进行技术突破。Cairo等人最早提出了一种新型的空心涡轮盘,将冷却气体引入涡轮盘内部进行冷却,在减重的同时,进一步突破了涡轮盘的破裂速度(极限)。但是其降低了从压气机进入高压涡轮盘的冷却气体的压力,容易造成燃气倒灌,从而发生危险。肋板可以增加换热面积,具有导向作用 ... Read More

基于 COMSOL 的钻头电阻率仪器 RAB 数值模拟

李铭宇 [1], 康正明 [1], 李君建 [1],
[1] 中国石油大学(北京),昌平,北京 ,中国

引言:在石油钻井技术日益发展的今天,随钻电阻率测井发挥着越来越重要的作用。国外的技术相对成熟,各大公司都推出了自己的随钻电阻率测井仪器,但我国的高端随钻装备仍处于起步阶段,目前尚未达到规模化生产和应用。通过对已经成熟的仪器进行仿真,可以指导我们后续仪器的研发生产以及实际资料的处理解释。本文借助 COMSOL MULTIPHYSICS 仿真平台,在 AC/DC 模块中建立了三维模型,考查了斯伦贝谢公司的随钻钻头电阻率测井仪 RAB(Resistivity-At-Bit)在油基泥浆和水基泥浆中的测井响应。通过 COMSOL WITH MATLAB ... Read More

Flow Simulation In A Submerged Membrane Bioreactor At Laboratory Scale

Y.M. Carreño-Martinez, J.M. Gozalvez-Zafrilla, J.A. Mendoza-Roca, and A. Santafé-Moros
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain

Submerged membrane bioreactor (SMBR) is an efficient technology for wastewater treatment that combines biological process and membrane filtration in one single stage. In the most usual configuration, submerged membrane hollow fibers are set in several planes. Air is introduced from the ... Read More

A Methodology For The Simulation Of MEMS Spiral Inductances Used As Magnetic Sensors

S. Druart, D. Flandre, and L.A. Francis
Université catholique de Louvain - ICTEAM, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

In this paper, a methodology to simulate the electric behavior of spiral inductances is presented and discussed. All the methodology is built with the COMSOL software used with the Matlab scripting interface and then allows performing fully parameterized simulations. The program ... Read More

Non-Newtonian Hemodynamics and Shear Stress Distribution in Three Dimensional Model of Healthy and Stented Coronary Artery Bifurcation

M.M. Zarandi[1], R. Mongrain[1], and O.F. Bertrand[2]
[1]McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada
[2]Laval University Quebec City, QC, Canada

In this paper, a three-dimensional model of the coronary artery bifurcation is developed and physiological flow in the both healthy and stented coronary artery bifurcation is modeled using COMSOL Multiphysics. Wall shear stress induced by endovascular stents in the coronary artery ... Read More