New Functionality in COMSOL 4.2a

The LiveLink for MATLAB® includes the following new functionality and performance improvements:

  • New function mphsolinfo that returns information about a particular solution. This function supersedes the function mphgetp, which may be removed in a future version.
  • The function mphgetu can now return more than one solution vector.
  • Updated plots in mphplot and mphviewselection to accommodate new plot types and selection types.
  • The MATLAB node includes additional functionality:
  • The Minimize calls option reduces the number of calls from COMSOL to MATLAB.
  • The new Clear Functions capabilities makes it easier to update M-files without having to restart MATLAB.
  • Numerous optimizations for improved performance and memory handling.
  • New model library containing examples that illustrate the LiveLink for MATLAB unique capabilities such as: extracting data at the MATLAB prompt, running models in nested loops, and using previous solution data and external MATLAB function callbacks in the COMSOL Desktop.

Known Issues

The option to plot on a server by starting a COMSOL server with the option -graphics is not supported on the Mac.

Backward Compatibility vs. Version 3.5a


The functionality corresponding to the geometry functions geom2 and geom3 from version 3.5a is not available in version 4.2a. This functionality will be available in a later release.


See the section “The COMSOL Java API” on page 24 regarding changes in the COMSOL API.