New Functionality in Version 4.2

Plasma Modeling

  • Surface reactions of order greater than 1 are now supported.
  • Unit support for reaction and surface reaction rate constants.
  • User-defined electron energy distribution functions are now supported.
  • Cross section data can be imported directly from the LXCAT database.
  • Species transport and thermodynamic data are now included for the most common plasma processing gases.
  • Mass flow rate boundary conditions, which allow specification of a flow rate in SCCM units.
  • Vacuum pump boundary condition.
  • Stabilization of reaction sources has been added for electrons and heavy species.
Note: The stabilization is active by default, so models with very low plasma densities might give slightly different results after re-solving in version 4.2.

New Models

  • Harmonic Content in a Dual Frequency CCP Reactor
  • Dipolar Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) Source
  • Electrodeless Lamp
  • Surface chemistry tutorial model