Error: Error downloading file. Connection refused: connect

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Title: Error: Error downloading file. Connection refused: connect
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Versions: All versions
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Problem Description

When installing COMSOL over the Internet, the following error(s) occur:
Error downloading file. Connect timed out
Error Downloading file. Connection refused: connect
Error Downloading file. PKIX path building failed
Error Downloading file.


These error messages indicate that the on-line installation program is unable to communicate with the COMSOL download server. To work around the problem, please try the following suggestions:

Solution A: Download the DVD Image for Offline Installation.

This is the recommended solution, as it is simple and robust. Go to the Product Download page for further instructions.

Solution B: Configure proxy settings for installation over the Internet.

Note: this solution only works if you connect to the Internet via a proxy server that does not require authentication.

To determine if your Windows computer connects to Internet through a proxy server, perform these steps:
1. From the Windows Start menu in Windows, choose Control Panel.
2. Choose View by Category, then Network and Internet and Internet Options.
3. In the Internet Properties dialog box that appears, click the Connections tab, then click the LAN settings button.
4. In the dialog box that appears, check whether Use a proxy server for your LAN is selected. If the answer is yes, you are behind a proxy server.
5. Click Cancel twice to close the open dialog boxes and then close the Control Panel window.

To configure the installation program according to the proxy settings, perform these steps:

  • Restart the COMSOL Online Installer.
  • On the Options page, select the Proxy server check box.
  • Specify the host name and port number for your proxy server and, if required, a username and password.


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