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Problem Description

I get the warning MUMPS allocation factor increased to 1.44


If you get a solution, this warning is nothing to worry about. You can get rid of the warning and possibly get a little shorter solution time by setting the allocation factor to something higher than reported in the warning. The settings are in Study N-> Solver Configurations -> Solver N -> Stationary -> Direct.


The allocation factor is used to tell the direct linear solver MUMPS how much memory to allocate for the matrix factors. MUMPS first calculates an estimated amount of memory needed, and this value is multiplied with the allocation factor to determine how much memory is actually allocated. The value is set to be greater than one, to be on the safe side so that the amount of memory is enough for the factors. Sometimes the estimated memory is too low, in this case MUMPS increases the allocation factor and tries again. If the solver keeps increasing the allocation factor, a possible workaround is to decreasing the Pivot threshold to 0.01.