Conjugate Heat Transfer

Luke T. Gritter, Jeffrey S. Crompton, Sergei Yushanov, and Kyle C. Koppenhoefer
AltaSim Technologies
Columbus, OH

This is an application brief describing the concept of Conjugate Heat Transfer, which is important in many industrial processes, such as quenching.

In this brief, they simulate the heat transfer with and without phase transformation to analyze the rate of heat dissipation with respect to the flow conditions of the coolant media. The fluid flow conditions could then be modified to produce a more regular distribution of heat extraction in a 3D quenching model. This allowed them to stipulate quench conditions for maintaining a uniform temperature gradient, resulting in a more homogenous micro-structure within the final component shape, while reducing residual stresses in the component.

Results of thermal conductivity developed under conditions of turbulent flow that combines multiphase flow, due to forced fluid flow, and flow due to buoyancy effects associated with bubble formation due to fluid boiling