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Computational Fluid Dynamicsx

Model of Natural Convection above Horizontal and Inclined Plates

I. Khan [1], V. Tsitsopoulos [2], J. Dold [3],
[1] University of Central Lancashire, Preston, United Kingdom
[2] AMEC, London, United Kingdom
[3] University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

The boundary layer flow above an isothermal flat plate inclined at a small angle to the horizontal is analyzed. Inclination effects are initially investigated as a perturbation to the horizontal flow by obtaining a fourth order series solutions valid near the leading edge of the plate ... Read More

Si-Infiltrated SiC Lattices in Elevated Temperatures: A Thermo-Mechanical Analysis

E. Rezaei [1],
[1] EPFL, Lugano, Switzerland

Si-infiltrated SiC porous composites exist in different forms composed of cores of cellular ceramic and skin plates of ceramic matrix composites. Due to high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high elastic modulus and high strength, the final product can be a ... Read More

Thermal and Laminar-Fluidic Workbench for a metric Portion of a Gun

M. Brun
Nexter Systems, Versailles, France

Part of a 120mm gun has been represented as a perforated conic iron solid, surrounded by an annular screen. Inside the gun are limit conditions of isolation or thermal flux. The screen is described as a shell, receiving solar heat and exchanging with the outside atmosphere. It bears a ... Read More

Numerical Study of Hyporheic Flow across Bedforms of Different Type

C. Gualtieri [1],
[1] University of Napoli Federico II, Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering (DICEA), Napoli, Italy

Despite the traditional separation between the studies of surface water and groundwater flows, it has been long recognized that rivers and aquifers are strongly connected and that their interaction gives rise to a continuous exchange of water and solutes. The volume within the porous ... Read More

The Simulation of Flow and Reduction of NO in a Heterogeneous Reactor.

O. Śliczniuk [1], B. Olejnik [1],
[1] Wrocław University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Chemical Engineering, Wrocław, Poland

Nitrogen oxides are one of the more dangerous ingredients contaminating the atmosphere. They are considered to be almost ten times more harmful than carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide several times. A whole range of photochemical reactions involving nitrogen oxides are responsible for ... Read More

使用水平集方法对熔喷纤维运动进行模拟 new

曾泳春 [1], 郝习波 [1], 张潇敏 [1], 滕德芳 [1], 李辉 [1],
[1] 东华大学,上海,中国

熔喷是工业上用于制备微米纤维非织造布的一种工艺方法。在熔喷过程中,高聚物熔体经过高速、高温气流的拉伸,在接受装置上固化结晶形成微米纤维非织造布。由于熔喷材料具有很高的比表面积,因而具备良好的过滤性、吸附性、隔离性,可用于过滤材料、隔离材料、吸纳材料、口罩材料等领域。熔喷材料的优异性能是基于熔喷纤维的微纳米级的尺度,降低纤维的直径有利于提高熔喷产品的性能。由于纤维的拉伸细化发生在气流场的运动过程中,因此对纤维运动的研究具有重要意义。本研究将高聚物与气流所形成的混合体系作为两相流来处理。我们采用Comsol multiphysics 的水平集方法对熔喷过程的高聚物 ... Read More

交变压力波强化传热 new

张东伟 [1], 蒋二辉 [1], 周俊杰 [1],
[1] 郑州大学 化工与能源学院 热能系统节能技术与装备教育部工程研究中心

节能、高效、紧凑已经成为制冷空调行业的发展趋势,其中强化换热技术尤为关键。因此,本文采用COMSOL软件对微型错排管换热器进行了建立二维模型,基于瞬态模型,采用流动和传热模块进行有无交变压力波的数值模拟分析。结果发现随着交变压力波的添加大大增加了速度场、压力场及温度场的波动情况,使得管内工质边界层破坏降低了传热的热阻综合空化链式理论,交变压力波能够起到强化传热的作用,提高了制冷效率,有利于推动制冷行业的发展。 Read More

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