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Modeling of Nonlinear and Non-stationary Multi-vortex Behavior of Electronic Crystal in Restricted Gemoetries of Nano Junctions

T. Yi, Y. Luo, and S. Brazovskii
Université Paris-sud
Orsay, France

Electronic Crystals are common forms of organization of charge in solids. They appear widely from nano-structure semiconductors to synthetic organic conductors. Charge density wave, the best treated kind of electronic crystal, can readjust its elementary units by creation of topological defect or vortex. Experimental accesses to these phenomena came from nano-junctions, scanning tunneling ...

Optimization Of The Collection Of Sprays By An Enhanced Electronic Sensor

J. Berges[1], B. Barelaud[1], I. Niort[2], and J.L. Decossas[2]
[1]XLIM, Limoges, France
[2]Université de Limoges, France

We propose the study of an electronic sensor allowing the collection of sprays in free space. The detector consists of three elements: a photodiode situated in the center of the structure to which is applied a bias voltage, an aluminum ring which referenced to a voltage higher than that of the photodiode and an insulating material disk (polyvinyl chloride). The total size of the structure is ...


李振 [1], 李晨 [1], 符嘉明 [1], 曹松 [1], 王克凡 [1],
[1] 中国石油大学(华东)、青岛、山东、中国

本文针对电容成像传感器仿真分析的难点,以 8 极板电容成像传感器为例,建立了电容成像传感器的三维有限元仿真数学模型,详细介绍了如何使用 COMSOL 软件对电容成像传感器进行三维仿真,后处理结果表明8极板电容成像传感器能检测到有机玻璃内部 7 个不同深度的缺陷,验证了电容成像检测技术的可行性。除此之外还运用 COMSOL 对 8 极板电容成像传感器的电容值进行提取分析,并与实验结果相对比,结果表明两者的检测结果相吻合。此方法方便了电容成像检测技术正问题的研究,为运用COMSOL软件对电容成像传感器的性能分析与参数优化提供了依据。

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