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2018 - Allx

COMSOL Multiphysics® Bio-Cellular Tunneling Model

E. Lacatus [1],
[1] Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania

The emerging technologies related to AI and Quantum Computing are shifting the nano-bio-info paradigm, reconsidering the presently assumed bioenergetic processes of the living cells. Thus, a key process as ATPase can be considered through a model governed by quantum field theory (QFT) ... Read More


沈诗怡 [1], 王波 [1],
[1] 上海大学

连续纤维增强金属基复合材料(Continuous Fiber Reinforcement Metal Matrix Composites)因其优异的性能而在汽车领域航空航天领域、兵器武装领域及电子及光学领域备受关注。但是,目前其制备工艺的不成熟,使得产品存在较多的空隙缺陷,对材料性能造成不良的影响,而压力浸渗制备的FRM相对致密、缺陷少而具有广阔的发展前景。本文以FRM的压力浸渗制备工艺为研究对象,利用Comsol Multiphysics软件进行二维数值模拟计算,分别研究了流体动力粘度、入口压力以及纤维排布方式等对渗流过程的影响,并判断出孔隙高频出现的区域 ... Read More

A Partial Verification of a COMSOL® Example Problem on the Fluid-Structure Interaction in a Network of Blood Vessels

J. T. Fong [1], A. Heckert [1], J. J. Filliben [1]
[1] National Institute of Standards & Technology, Gaithersburg, MD, USA

Finite element method (FEM)-based solutions are known to contains errors and uncertainties due to at least four mathematical (M) and four physical (P) sources, namely, (M-1) mesh density or degrees of freedom, (M-2) mesh element types, (M-3) mesh quality such as mean aspect ratio, (M-4) ... Read More


陈梦瑶 [1], 吴承昊 [1], 李焰 [1],
[1] 中国石油大学(华东)

硫磺回收装置泄漏仿真分析 陈梦瑶,吴承昊,李焰 中国石油大学(华东) Abstract 近些年来,我国在南海天然气勘探方面逐渐深入,越来越多的深海气田、中小型边际气田及伴生气田亟待开发。对南海气田的开发用到了深海天然气浮式装备(FLNG),这是一种新型的海上气田开发技术,它将海上天然气的净化、液化、储存、装卸和外运过程为一体,其安全要求比陆上装置更严格。在FLNG中,硫磺回收装置的安全问题非常重要,它的原料气来自上游脱酸装置,介质中的硫化氢为剧毒易燃介质,安全问题更应重视 ... Read More


赖耘 [1], 徐益超 [2],
[1] 中国江苏省南京市南京大学
[2] 中国江苏省苏州市苏州大学

In this work, we design a type of meta-prism which can provide high-efficiency coupling between free space and optical waveguides at infrared frequencies. The meta-prism is composed of an ABA multilayer structure with a fixed total thickness. By varying the filling ratio of the ... Read More

Design of Radio-Frequency Ablation Catheter

R. Kapuganti,
HCL Technologies, Chennai, India

Radiofrequency (RF) ablation is a treatment modality that kills unwanted tissue by heat. RF ablation is now the treatment of choice for certain types of cardiac arrhythmia. During RF ablation, an electrode is inserted into, or steered intravascularly to the target tissue region under ... Read More

Influence of Fiber Geometry on the Performance of Hemodialyser Membrane

Asst. Prof. M.S.Sangeetha [1], C.V.Revanth [1],
[1] PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

The hemodialyser also known as the “Artificial kidney” is a mechanical device that serves to be a splendid tool in filtering the impurities and excess water from the body by the process of diffusion. Clearance rate is used as a key factor to analyse the separation of solutes from the ... Read More

Optimization and Analysis of Modular Cantilever using Finite Element Approach

Sumit Zanje [1], Ishant Jain [1],
[1] Raychem Innovation Center, Halol, Gujarat, India

Overhead cantilevers systems are used to support the assembly of overhead power transmission wires i.e. catenary wire, contact wire and the droppers to transfer the overall bending, transverse and vertical load to mast via insulators. The key characteristic of a quintessential cantilever ... Read More

3D Model to Predict the Moisture Diffusion Patterns Through Bionanocomposite Films

Anandharamakrishnan C [1], Vimala Bharathi SK [1], Maria Leena M [1], Moses JA [1],
[1] Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology (IIFPT), Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India

In food packaging applications, biopolymers are explored more due to the adverse effects of synthetic polymers on environment. However, one of the primary concerns of the bio-based polymers is their poor barrier properties. This can be regulated by the use of nanofillers/ reinforcements ... Read More

Investigation of Ion Facilitation Using Corrugated Membrane in Electrodialysis

Priyabrata Mandal [1], Priya Goel [1], Anusha Chandra [1], Dr. Sujay Chattopadhyay [1]
[1] Indian Institutes of Technology Roorkee Saharanpur Campus, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Electrodialysis(ED) is an electrochemical separation process in which charged membranes are used to separate ionic species in presence of electrical potential. The efficiency of ED depends on polar membranes, flow hydrodynamics of electrolytes, concentration polarization arising due to ... Read More