Structural Design of a NFC-Reader-Antenna for Automotive Electronics with FEM Simulation

A. K. Palit [1],
[1] ZF-Lemförder Electronic GmbH, ZF-Friedrichshafen AG. Group, Friedrichshafen, Germany

The design of a right contour/structure of the NFC-antenna is presented. The NFC-reader-antenna is applied later to communicate with the NFC-tag (transponder) of a smart phone placed in the phone box of the car. The NFC-reader-antenna with selected contour is printed directly on the PCB and the antenna-PCB is placed under the phone box at the center console. The designed antenna must fulfill certain requirements prescribed by a leading German car manufacturer (OEM) and has a given geometry/shape. In order to fulfill those requirements, different NFC-antenna structures were tested but none of the randomly designed structures could fulfill them. Hence, computer aided engineering (CAE) approach/FEM simulation was needed to model and simulate the optimal contour of NFC-reader antenna.