Simulation of evaporating droplets on AFM-cantilevers

Haschke, T.1, Lautenschlager, D.1, Wiechert, W.1, Bonaccurso, E.2, Butt, H.J.2
1 University of Siegen, Faculty 11, Department of Simulation, Siegen, Germany
2 Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research, Polymer Physics Group, Mainz, Germany

The design of micro and nanoscale systems is a great challenge for modelling and simulation. In particular Lab-on-a-Chip-technology offers a wide spectrum of possible applications. Recently Bonaccurso and Butt (Bonaccurso & Butt 2005) presented a new approach to investigate droplet evaporation: They placed water droplets on rectangular, silicon atomic force microscope (AFM) cantilevers so that the resonance frequency and the inclination of the cantilever versus time could be measured. With the help of these values the evaporation process can be described and conclusions about the acting forces and interactions between solid, fluid and gas can be drawn.

This contribution deals with a simulation model for these experiments, the resonance frequency analysis as well as the simulation of the evaporating droplet on the cantilever. In the following chapters the experimental setup and analytical basics, the simulation model and the simulation results are presented.