Numerical Simulation of the Filling Stage in the Polymer Injection Moulding Process

R. El Otmani1, M. Zinet1, M. Boutaous1, P. Chantrenne1, and H. Benhadid2
1CETHIL, Université Lyon, Villeurbanne, France
2Laboratoire de Mécanique des Fluides et d'Acoustique, Université Lyon, Ecully, France

During injection moulding of thermoplastic parts, high pressures, velocities and temperatures are experienced by the polymer in the filling phase. The numerical simulation of this phase is a complex task, especially for semi-crystalline polymers, because it involves a coupling between heat transfer, material structural transformation and crystallinity.

The aim of this work is to present mathematical modeling and a computer simulation of the polymer flow which occurs during the filling phase of the injection moulding process.

A finite element method is used to simulate the injection moulding filling stage. A level set type conservative method for the moving interface is applied. Complete Navier-Stokes, continuity and energy equations are coupled to describe the flow and thermal behavior of the melted material