Constructing Laser-Induced In Vitro Cell Damage Model Based on Thermal Analysis using COMSOL

S. Boukhris[1], M. Denton[2], and Y. Feng[1]
[1]Computational Bioengineering and Control Lab, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX
[2]TASC, Inc. Biomedical Sciences and Technology Dept., Ft. Sam Houston, TX

The use of lasers in the military and everyday life is growing each year. The purpose of the current research is to take full advantage of this new spatially-resolved thermal data to construct a mathematical and numerical model for laser-induced damage using COMSOL Multiphysics.

The microthermography data were extracted for vertical and horizontal lines through the laser-exposed area of cell monolayers with 800 frames per second time resolution. Using the experimental data, the thermal model was calibrated and validated with data that were separated into training and validation sets. To develop a cell damage model, a thermodynamic analysis approach was used to establish the relationship of damage zone with respect to temperature field and the duration and intensity of laser exposure.