Loudspeaker Driver

Application ID: 1369

This example shows you how to model a loudspeaker of the dynamic cone driver type, common for low and medium frequencies. The model analysis includes the total electric impedance and the on-axis sound pressure level at a nominal driving voltage, as functions of the frequency. The spatial characteristics of the speaker are depicted in a directivity plot.

The tutorial model is set up using a combination of the Magnetic Fields interface and the Acoustic-Structure Interaction multiphysics interface. A first analysis solves only the electromagnetic part of the problem when the driver is at rest. From here, a driving force factor and the blocked voice coil impedance can be extracted and exported for further analysis. The final analysis is of the full model, including the relevant multiphysics interactions that include the driving voltage to solve the computed sound pressure level.

This model example illustrates applications of this type that would nominally be built using the following products:

Acoustics Module