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Keynote Video: Designing Improved Heart Pumps with Simulation

December 5, 2018

Abbott Laboratories designed “the most complex machine ever implanted into a human being” — an LVAD for heart failure patients — using multiphysics modeling. The result? Saved lives.

Simulating Nonlinear Sound Propagation in an Acoustic Horn

December 4, 2018

The Westervelt model enables you to perform complex acoustics analyses, such as modeling the propagation of nonlinear acoustic waves generated by an exponential horn.

Happy Birthday, Ellen Swallow Richards

December 3, 2018

Ellen Swallow Richards, an American chemical engineer, improved sanitary engineering and was the first woman to attend, graduate from, and teach at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


November 29, 2018

Finite element methods, finite volume methods, or a hybrid approach: Which is the best choice for CFD? It depends on the fluid flow problem you’re trying to solve.

Why Participate in a Panel Discussion at the COMSOL Conference?

November 28, 2018

We talk to moderators and panelists from past COMSOL conferences to find out how the industry-specific panel discussions “add a new dimension to the conference!”

Happy Birthday, Sir Horace Lamb

November 27, 2018

Sir Horace Lamb, a prolific applied mathematician and leader in hydrodynamics research, was one of the first four professors at the University of Adelaide in Australia and was knighted in 1931.

Keynote Video: Optimizing Test Connector Designs with RF Simulation

November 26, 2018

At Signal Microwave, RF simulation is used to optimize test connector designs quickly and efficiently, giving the organization a unique advantage when it comes to being a small business.

Advancing Technology Helps Keep Ocean Gyres Free of Debris

November 22, 2018

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is twice the size of the state of Texas, but advancing technology that relies on the Coriolis effect is kickstarting cleanup efforts.