Online Tutorial: Piezoacoustic Optimization

Fanny Littmarck December 17, 2012
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Tomorrow, December 18th, we are holding an online tutorial on piezoacoustic optimization. The tutorial will run for about half an hour starting at 12:30pm Pacific Standard Time (PST). If you are already familiar with the piezoacoustic transducer model in the model library, you should tune in for this further-developed version of the model.

Piezoacoustic optimization: piezoacoustics transducer model
A piezoacoustics transducer model, which includes acoustic-structure interaction with the mounting structure and a directional tube.

Piezoacoustic Optimization, Multiphysics

COMSOL has long been used to simulate piezoacoustic applications. The fact that you have to couple the already tightly-coupled electrostatics and structural mechanics within the piezo physics to the acoustics field makes it a great example of multiphysics application. We have previously blogged about such applications, and we have a few models in the Model Gallery that show how to set up these types of models (check out the radially polarized spherical piezoelectric acoustic transducer and the piezoacoustic transducer models). One of the keynote speakers at the COMSOL Conference in Milan also talked about the subject, in his presentation on piezoelectric transducers and ultrasound imaging.

The online tutorial will cover an introduction to COMSOL and the piezoacoustic transducer model, followed by a live model set-up. My colleague, John Dunec, has extended upon previous models by simulating a piezoacoustics transducer in the real setting of a loudspeaker. He will also show you how the Optimization Module can be used to find the ideal depth for the appropriate frequency.

Many of you have already signed up for this webinar, but if you have not yet done so — register for the Piezoacoustic Optimization Tutorial now.



  1. fariza kaiser December 24, 2012   1:39 pm

    i want to get comsol 4.2a software free download.

  2. Phil Kinnane December 26, 2012   8:27 am

    Hi Fariza,

    I’m sorry but there are no free downloads of version 4.2a. But you are more than welcome to contact your local office:
    to see what they can offer you.

  3. Md. Delwar Hossain Bhuyan January 8, 2013   8:05 pm

    Thank you so much for nice presentation. I am interested to know about the impedance of piezo. If I want to plot 1D fig. of Impedance vs. Freq, then what is the expression for impedance.
    How can I write the expression for impedance of piezo in Comsol 4.3a?


  4. Linus Andersson, COMSOL Employee January 10, 2013   3:04 am

    Hi Bhuyan,

    Piezo devices can often be driven using a Terminal condition. If you set it up to apply a charge, the impedance will automatically be available as pzd.Z11. If you apply a voltage instead, you get its inverse, the admittance. In that case, you can evaluate the impedance as 1/pzd.Y11.

    I hope this is applicable to your situation. If not, or if you have any further questions, feel free to contact our support service:

  5. Aleksandra Mala April 15, 2016   8:19 am


    is it possible to see this presentation in any archive? It will be very helpful for me

    Best regards
    Aleksandra Malachowska

  6. Fanny Littmarck April 15, 2016   8:31 am

    Hello Aleksandra,

    Unfortunately, we do not have an archived version of this presentation.
    I would recommend checking out these tutorial models instead:

    If you need help with your simulations, please contact support:

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