Impressions of Stuttgart’s COMSOL Conference

Phil Kinnane October 26, 2011
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Bernt blog

Today, Bernt Nilsson, COMSOL’s VP of Marketing is at the Stuttgart conference and was kind enough to give his impressions of the proceedings.

“Today’s conference kicked off with the Branch Manager for COMSOL Germany, Bernhard Fluche, who welcomed us to this year’s COMSOL Conference. Despite a public transport strike, about 400 people had filled up the Schlosspark Ludwigsburg auditorium.

We were treated to the very latest news from COMSOL CEO Svante Littmarck. Three exciting demos of the new features in version 4.2a showcased the Particle Tracing Module, the LiveLink for SolidWorks intrerface and how to design your own physics interface using the COMSOL Builder. Svante wrapped up with the big news — all COMSOL users will receive the Particle Tracing Module at no initial cost. Applause!

Keynote presenter Vladislav Djakov with Microvisk Technologies, UK, then took us on a tour of product design using COMSOL. Their home-use blood coagulation measuring device is based on a MEMS device and we were treated to a suite of animated simulation results showing microfluidic and fluid-structure interactions in microscale.

Then we were off to user presentations and minicourses. I squeezed into a packed room to see a presentaion by Dipl. Ing. Jörg Clobes on “Rapid Control Prototyping of Functionality Graded Materials with Tailored Microstructural Properties Utilizing COMSOL Multiphysics”. It was a true multidisciplinary piece of work including inductive heating and a COMSOL FEM model with their home grown optimization code. Everything coupled together in a MATLAB control loop. Wonderful stuff.”

Thank you Bernt.



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