How You Can Leverage Multiphysics Training Courses

Fanny Littmarck March 12, 2012
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Whether you have little or no previous experience with COMSOL Multiphysics or are using the software but looking to gain expertise in a specific application area, one of our multiphysics training courses can be of great help.

Training Courses Held by Experts

Training courses are set up classroom style and are held by a modeling expert in the topic area. In our 2-day COMSOL Multiphysics Intensive Training courses you get to start at an intro level and are then guided through each modeling step. The combination of lecture, worked examples, and hands-on exercises is key to learning how to effectively solve problems with COMSOL Multiphysics.

Courses, COMSOL Multiphysics

In addition to the 2-day intensive, there are many application-specific courses for you to take advantage of. Topics include Acoustics and Vibrations Analysis, Structural Mechanics, Batteries and Fuel Cells, Electrodeposition, CFD, and more.

New Training Series

This year in North America we are running a new Training Series. Download the PDF Course Brochure to find out more on that. We also offer many courses in other parts of the world. Register today and learn how to speed up your multiphysics modeling.

Training Courses by region:



  1. Bhrigu Nath P April 27, 2012   2:44 am

    This course is beneficial but its very difficult to attend because it is very costly.

  2. Fanny Littmarck May 2, 2012   5:23 pm

    Thank you for your feedback on the courses.
    The cost of the training courses reflects the fact that they are taught face-to-face by highly skilled experts and for small audiences, allowing better personal attention to be given to the attendees. As a result of participating those courses, attendees will make much faster and better use of the software. This will save them a lot of time (and therefore labor costs) and improve the quality of their work product down the road. We believe that these impacts make up for the short-term cost of the courses: the courses easily pay for themselves after just a few days of putting the teachings into practice.

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