Big Recognition of Your Multiphysics Designs

Bernt Nilsson February 8, 2012
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I bet you share that great feeling most COMSOL users get – the excitement when presenting your latest simulation results to your colleagues! Or is it envy? In either case multiphysics modeling work tends to inspire.


I was reminded of this again today, reading a draft article about a breakthrough electronics cooling technology that was designed using COMSOL. The article is bound to run in the next print issue of COMSOL News reaching 100,000 something readers.

COMSOL News Magazine 2011 Edition

Right now we have a team of five content hungry technical writers typing away for the magazine. They are looking for new stories and I am helping them out. This is me helping them. If you have an exciting application that is ready for the lime light, let me know and we’ll give it a shot for the next issue of COMSOL News.

Contact Bernt Nilsson at to get your story in the next issue of COMSOL News.


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